Do you know the joy of solitude? When you suddenly realize that there is no one inside you, except you, most perfect one and without any limits. When there is a steady serenity in the soul, and at the same time you can afford any childish prank, any fantasy. For example, twist shapes and colors this way and that, create your own extraordinary worlds as your heart desires today. All my pictures are about that. In my childhood, I had a computer game on a 5 inch floppy disk. There was the character Dizzy, who went through the quest completely alone, but his world was so fascinating and diverse that this uniqueness pleased a lot. And if we talk about professional perception for serious art critics I am especially inspired by the famous Dutch graphic artist Escher Maurits Cornelius, who also created puzzle paintings, visual illusions and phantasmagoria arts. By the way I love color, humor and experiments. Yes, experiments, that’s all about me! Question for the experts: what other famous artists do you think live in my creative world and continue to influence what I invent and embody on?